I believe that your establishment can benefit from the presentations I offer which has been has being travelling the country educating people of every age in every sector on both how I (Kallum) became a young entrepreneur & how others can accomplish it with Kwaks Story. The second main presentation is on caring for the environment with The Eco Talk and now we would love to visit YOU!


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About Me

My name is Kallum and I am from Hull in East Riding of Yorkshire. I have three goals as a public speaker which are to Educate, Motivate & Inspire anyone I am speaking too. I have always dreamed of running my own business and I have always been taught to care for the planet so when it finally came to achieving my dream, the pair came hand in hand. 

Kwaks Story allows me to share my story in how I made an idea become reality and where I actually found the help to do this because it is not something you can just learn over night. I talk about my highs and my lows which open peoples eyes to the life of a young entrepreneur down from car crashes, mental health and theft upto newspaper articles, Radio/ TV features, speaking at some of the biggest events in the country and more.


The Eco Talk stemmed from having the store and learning that people are wanting to change their habits and become more eco friendly yet didn't know where to begin. So with this, I set out to help people learn on what they can do to help our planet.


With my store The Eco Shed being situated within Hulls newly refurbished and historic Trinity Indoor Market, It allows me to show my love for the city's rich history and heritage to all the customers who visit us. 

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