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Soy wax wraps are a perfect alternative to cling-fill. The wraps are designed with a minimal look, using the natural colour of organic cotton. It is perfect for wrapping sandwiches, snacks and left-over food. 

Made from organic cotton, soy wax, jojoba oil and tree resin

Three pack with one small (18x20cm), one medium (25x28cm) and one large (33x35cm)

Fridge and freezer safe

Wax paper used to protect wraps inside the packaging is completely biodegradable in normal conditions. Can also be composted too.

Wax Food Wraps - Vegan + Plastic Free

  • Pack includes -

    SMALL PACK - 1x 10x10 inch wrap, 1x 8x8 inch wrap.

    MEDIUM PACK - 1x Large 12x12 inch wrap, 1x 10x10 inch wrap & 1x 8x8 inch wrap. 

    LARGE PACK - 1x large 12x12 inch wrap, 2x 10x10 inch wrap & 2x 8x8 inch wrap.

    XL BREAD WRAP - 1x 14x14 inch wrap.