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These are some of the biggest cloth menstrual pads in the world!! They have been called 'whales', 'beasts', etc.. We call them Night Angels, and you'll see why when you look at the quilting stitching. 


They are BIG, measuring 15" long and 3.5" wide (that is roughly the length between your elbow and your finger tips!). You can really sleep easy with these pads, as the flared shape is designed to catch those annoying trickle leaks we sometimes get at night, and the width covers all eventualities!


The polyester ones have a waterproof PUL layer hidden inside. The wool backed night pads  have no PUL in them - they don't need it. These night pads are suitable for regular night flow; the shape is designed to catch trickle leaks, not for heavy flow. Goodnight, have a good night's sleep with no worries...

Suitable for UK sizes 8 - 20.

Menstrual Pad - Night time