Merry Eco-mas!

As we all know, Christmas creates some of the biggest waste out of the whole year due to nearly every household on the planet opening presents all in the space of 24 hours (or a week in my case with the size of my family). But what can we do to help reduce waste this Christmas but keep the festivities alive!


Christmas crackers are being boycotted this year due to the unnecessary waste they cause with the pointless gifts that come inside them such as a dolls comb and the infamous leaping frog. Plus most of the crackers themselves cannot be recycled due to the materials they're made out of plus the fact a lot of them now have glitter for decoration. Make your own Crackers this year with either fabric or kraft cardboard and include gifts that matter.

2. Shop Independently

If you're reading this then I can tell that you already support local businesses which is awesome, but do your friends & families? Did you know that if every household in the country spent an extra £100 a month with independent businesses that it would put around an extra £3Billion into the economy! The impact of every aspect for shopping locally is outstanding and plus, you will be helping someone buy their families presents instead of a multi-billionaires 50th holiday home.

3. Reuse!

Do you still have them gift sets from last Christmas or maybe your birthday that you haven't even touched because Aunt Sheila bought you it not knowing what you like? Its not elfish (pun intended) thinking that but now you could actually pass that on as a gift for someone else which is saving you money but also the planet! Just maybe make sure you don't pass it back to Aunt Sheila.

4. Wrapping Paper

As we all know, wrapping paper can be the biggest culprit for overflowing our rubbish bin this time of year however if we use the correct paper then we can avoid having an overflowing landfill! You can purchase kraft wrapping paper for next to nothing and if you fancy getting a little creative, maybe look at buying some items to jazz it up like Christmas stamps, ribbon & buttons! All of which you mainly get from charity shops helping you keep the cost down again whilst staying eco friendly.

Don't forget, balls of paper you can recycle! Scrunched up paper you cant.

5. Decorations

Christmas Decorations for me should be/are a little like Michael Buble...They come out once a year and played with for years to come. If you need to buy new decorations then please look at charity shops, your mums attic and even your nans attic first! They are bound to have extras that you will love. Otherwise, buy decorations that will last for years to come to help you reduce buying new ones every year.

6. Save on stamps!

Stop sending Christmas cards as they're pointless and just end up in the bin. There, I said it. Its a waste of money, trees and peoples time when sorting through them at the recycling bank.

That's it folks! The Eco Sheds top tips on being a little more eco friendly this Christmas. We know that their is a lot more things you can do but remember that we need a large group of people trying to be more eco friendly than a group of people doing it perfectly.

Have an amazing C

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