Having a great Neighbour!

We are have some great neighbours within our home, Trinity Indoor Market. The market is like a family and a community combined as support, help and push each other within our businesses & life. But I personally (Kallum) wanted to learn how much I have in common with our neighbours so I went on the hunt to find fellow eco warriors and those who are starting to become more eco friendly so here are my eco warrior neighbours who you should pay a visit too next time you come to our store. In fact, pop them a like and/or follow on their social media pages as every little helps; especially when it comes to small independent businesses.

1. Flour & Feast - Micro Bakery

Roxy & Joe are the owners of Fl&Fe and the story of how they met is cuter than the cakes they make. Fl&Fe offers an array of vegan and non vegan products that are all made in house using the finest produce they can find, most of which is supplied to them locally. They only use biodegradable packing including wooden cutlery for their food on the go, they also provide celebration cakes which I must say are stunning (Roxy is pretty damn good tbh) and most of them are decorated with edible flowers provided by a local florist.

2. Chak & Sues - Fruit & Vegetables

Chak & Sue have both been in the market for over 40 years and their love story is also adorable which includes the story if them meeting whilst working on their parents stalls that where also in the market so they are Hull Heritage Royalty in my opinion. Offering an array of fruit, nuts, herbs and vegetables that are loose and able to be purchased at the quantity you require whilst still leaving plenty of change within your pocket. They are starting to phase out as much plastic as they can from their range which is great to hear!

3. Ethical House - Vegan Cosmetics

Ethical House is owned by the nutty and energetic lady who goes by the name Faith who's aim is for you to "Rethink your relationship with cosmetics" which I can tell you first hand is something people are doing after visiting this little beauty within the market. From skincare, cosmetics, perfume to soaps, tattoo balms and more! Everyone will find something hidden within the pandoras box known as Ethical House.

4. Tart Me Up - Savoury & Sweet tarts

Phil dropped the keyboard and picked up the rolling pin to start Tart Me Up. After always having a skill in making pastry, Phil wanted to start his own little business picking up from where he left off.. his Grandmas kitchen. The modern & experimental take on french classics is what makes TMU a huge success and quite frankly... DAMN TASTY! All of the ingredients are sourced from local stores including Chak & Sues Greengrocers in the market too. Phil uses biodegradable takeaway cups for his homemade soups plus other eco friendly packaging for his tarts, plus Phil only creates a limited amount of tarts each day to reduce his waste. So grab one fast because they are very few left at the end of the day.

5. Caffeinated - Coffee House

"I love the Smell of freshly ground coffee in the morning" is an understatement for the aromas that come from caffeinated when you enter the market as they blend in with the smells of the freshly baked cookies, biscuits & cakes being created behind Joe whilst hes making another Americano. Founded within April 2015, Caffeinated has become a Hull staple for a coffee break over the past years and now people will travel from all around to enjoy the finest coffee supplied by Hulls local coffee roaster The Blending Room. All of the takeaway products that Caffeinated offer are within eco friendly cups & paper bags, plus they only use loose sugar instead of sachets to help reduce waste!

6. Near & Fair - Fairtrade Goods

Richard and Julie from 'Near & fair' are just as passionate about the planet as ourselves. Bringing the finest of fairtrade products to the people Hull including items like clothing, bags, homeware, candles, gifts and more. All of which have been sourced from ethical sources!

7. Dirty Cash - Vintage Clothing

Dirty Cash is the newest member to the market (when writing this) and my god... I know where I am spending my wages from now on. Sophie started her business from home originally and started selling online on sites such as ASOS & Depop whilst scouring charity shops and second hand stores for the finest quality Vintage Clothing.

Recycling clothing is one of the biggest ways to become more eco inclined as you're not using any new resources to create something new when your already have something that is in great condition. Vintage clothing is a great way of staying fashionable and eco friendly at the same time!

Well there you have it! Our eco friendly neighbours within Trinity Indoor Market that have a vision like ours, to Save Planet A because we all know there is No Planet B. Make sure to visit these amazing neighbours when coming along to The Eco Shed & remember to pop them a like, follow, tweet and every other thing you can think of!

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