The birth of The Eco Shed.

Updated: Aug 18, 2019

My story

I was born and bred in Hull, Yorkshire which is known throughout history for its ports and fishing industry plus obviously being the birthplace of William Wilberforce, The Housemartins, Calum Scott and many more famous people. My father has always educated me on the cities and our families heritage including my grandfather being a trawler fisherman. My father said that he always remembered my grandfather complaining about the amount of trash that he was catching in his nets on the trawler and that his children (my father is the youngest of 7) should care for the oceans and in turn, the planet. So with this, my father has taught me to care for our planet all my life, starting with the basics of composting and recycling which has helped turn me into the eco warrior I am today.

The Artic Corsair which is now a musuem was the exact rrawler that my grandfather worked on & his signature is still in the log book on board the ship to this date.

Why did you start The Eco Shed?

I have dreamt about running my own business for as along as I can remember and I have always had different ideas for what I would like my business to be, but after growing up and learning more about caring for the environment which lead me to realise that nothing was really available in the city for eco minded people like myself.

I finally realised what my business venture is going to be and The Eco Shed was born! I started to look at other eco stores from around the globe to get some inspiration and it wasn't long before I had the image of the store in my head and the idea that all of our products would be provided from small independent businesses from the UK.

Our first ever event was at a place called North Cave and well, it wasn't the smoothest day as we crashed en route which resulted in us bursting two tyres. However we was determined and still managed to get to the event for our very first day which was the best decision I ever made as it showed the determination I personally had for the store, the products and its message.

Our Home

We finally found our permanent

home within Trinity Indoor Market within Hulls Old Town. This is where the shop has grown everyday and the name 'The Eco Shed' is becoming a known brand within the city.

We are hoping to open more stores around the country within the future.

I personally would just like to say thank you to several people and firstly it is you the reader, thank you for taking time to read a little about our story and my life. I would like to say thank you to our suppliers for the amazing array of products that they offer but also their own personal love they have for what they do, Original Beard Co & Zero Waste Club have been with us from the very beginning! Lastly, I would like to say thank you to the customers that have supported us all along our journey and that will still support us within the future.

Thank you,


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